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The 2024 edition of the Swedish Academy Tournament, Battle of Bifrost, will be held in Stockholm on Saturday, May 25th 2024. For more information, see below.

Tournament announcements

Name of the hosting entity: LudoSport Sweden

Type of event: Rated Academy Tournament

Bracket of the event:  TB

Name of the Event Manager:  TBA 

Name of the Head Official:  TBA 

Location of the event: Konradbergshallen, Konradsbergsgatan 2B, 112 59 Stockholm, Sweden

Time of the event: Saturday, May 25th 2024. 

Criteria for qualification: Athletes from LudoSport Sweden Academy, with active accounts in LudoSport+ for season 2023–2024

Formula of the tournament:  Alpha - Positioning

32 participants at most

INCOM Tournament Rules


tournament schedule and pools

 Exact times TBA 

  • ~ 12:00 Doors open

  • Register, get your weapons checked, change clothes and warm up.

  • Pools 

  • Eliminations

  • Prize ceremony

  • 18:00 Time to shower and get changed before Porkside

  • Porkside

Facebook event


Here you will be able to see the finished draw for the pools

Sign up to compete

Athletes are required to sign up in order to compete in the tournament 


Sign up as athlete

The Athlete’s fee for Battle of Bifrost is 350 SEK.

Last day to sign up is May 19th. The fee must be paid no later than  May 20th 2024 .

In order to participate, the athlete must have an active LudoSport+ account for the 2023–2024 season

For more information or support, please contact

Sign up as staff

Anyone can sign up to help as staff on the Battle of Bifrost. There are a few major roles that we need to cover in order to be able to hold a tournament. Then there are other roles that are nice to have. If you want to show up and help out, we will be forever grateful! No previous experience is needed. You don't even need to be a part of LudoSport!

Sign up as staff


livestream and results

The tournament will be live streamed on the LudoSport Sweden YouTube channel

 Results table 

Here you will find a link to see the scores live

other useful information

how to get to the venue

The closest subway station is Thorildsplan. From there, it is about 5-10 minutes walk to Konradsbergshallen.

It is also possbile to take bus 1 to Västerbroplan, or bus 61 to Marieberg. The bus stops are less than 5 minutes walk from Konradsbergshallen.

The tournament will be held in the main hall (Stora hallen) at the very bottom of the building.



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