Flying to Stockholm

Stockholm’s main airport is Arlanda. If you fly here, all is good.

Bromma is a smaller airport closer to the city centre. If you can fly here, it’s great, but there are very few international flights landing at Bromma.

Skavsta and Västerås are marketed as “Stockholm” airports but they are very far away (~100 km). Expect at least 1,5 h of travel time by bus to get to the city. There are very few flights landing at these airports nowadays.

Driving to Stockholm

Don’t, unless you are a Swede. Sweden is bigger than you think.

Transfer between Arlanda airport and the city

There are a few choices to travel to/from Arlanda airport. All tickets can be bought online, even from your phone at the airport - so, there is no need to worry about that now. But here is some information to help you budget your trip and help you with the timing. Please note that once you get to the city centre you will have to take public transport (the metro) to get to the hotel (about 35 minutes, see further below).

In decreasing order of convenience:

  • Arlanda Express: it’s a dedicated express train between the airport to the city. A roundtrip (two-way) ticket costs 576 kr (~55 €) and the traveling time is 20 minutes. At the airport, look for the yellow Arlanda Express signage. You will then need to take the metro to the hotel (35 minutes). Buy the ticket on

  • Pendeltåg (SL Commuter train): you can take the commuter train between Arlanda and the city. The travel time to the centre is about 40 minutes. To take the train from the airport station you need a SL (public transport) ticket (39 kr = 3,7 €) plus a “passage ticket” for 130 kr = 12,5 €. With the SL ticket you can then take the red line of the metro all the way to the hotel (35 minutes) . See

  • Shuttle bus (Flygbussarna): Goes from the airport to the central station, stopping in a few places north of town. A roundtrip (two-way) ticket is 18 € and the travel time is about 40 minutes. See You will need to take the metro to the hotel (35 minutes).

  • Taxi: A taxi to/for the city has a fixed price depending on where you go. The price is about ~70-80 €. Make sure you agree with the driver what the fixed price is before taking the taxi. Outside of the airport you will find a parking lot with all taxis divided by company; you can choose any one you want but we recommend the major companies. By taxi it takes about 40 minutes to get to the city centre, and about 45 minutes to get to the hotel. It is a good choice if you are 3-4 people (if you fit in the car!) since you can share the cost and you will be taken directly to the hotel. More information about Taxis will be added later.

  • Public transport (SL): you can take the bus to another commuter train station and then take the commuter train to get to the city centre. The total time to the hotel (if you catch the coincidence) is about 1 h 50 min, but you will only need to pay the SL ticket (39 kr = 3,7 €).

Arriving/Leaving during the night

During the night the options are unfortunately more limited. Public transport is decreased. Make sure you plan your journey carefully by looking at the timetables on the websites of the various services. If nothing is available when you land, you can opt to take a taxi (but beware that most other passengers on your flight will do the same, so make sure to book the taxi in advance), or book a night in a hotel at Arlanda, making sure that you can check in during the night, and travel to the city in the morning.


We have an agreement with the Scandic hotel in Skärholmen (close to the Champions' Arena venue). Using a dedicated code you can get a discount for booking a room between the 25th and the 27th of November with the FLEX option (refundable booking).

The code is: PRO10SE.


  • The code gives a discount for the FLEX option only. You can also choose to book the non-refundable solution which is a bit cheaper.

  • The price is not fixed and will likely go up as we get close to the time of the event. So make sure to book early.

  • The FLEX option works as follows: payment at arrival and you do not need to leave your debit/credit card number if you check-in before 18:00. If you plan to check in after 18:00, you need to leave the card number as a guarantee.

  • The hotel is CASH FREE. They do not accept cash, only cards.

Other hotels close to the tournament venue:

If you look for another hotel or hostel, try looking along the metro, as that would make it easier to go to the tournament venue. Ideally in direction of the city centre.

Here you will find a map of the rail service in Stockholm. The event venue is close to the stop Skärholmen, on the red line towards Norsborg, in the bottom left.

Other Things to Budget

Currency and Exchange Rate

The currency used in Sweden is the Swedish Crown (SEK or kr, from kronor). The current exchange rate is 10 kr = 0,95 €, which means that you can convert prices in SEK to prices in Euro (or US dollar) by removing one zero and subtracting 5%. For example 200 kr = (20 € - 1 €) = 19 €.

Moving Around in Town

The easiest and best way of moving around is to use public transport. It’s everywhere, reliable, and on time (regardless of what Stockholmers think). Prices are as follows:

  • Single ticket (valid everywhere, no zones, unlimited changes, for 75 minutes): 39 kr = 3,5 €

  • 24h ticket: 165 kr = 16 € (save money if you travel 5 times or more).

  • 72h ticket: 330 kr = 32 € (save money if you travel 9 times or more).