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bATTLE OF the einherjar 2023

LudoSport Sweden invites all Novice and Initziati to an open tournament in Helsingborg, the Battle of the Einherjar.
All LudoSport athletes of the ranks Novice and Initziati can enter the competition

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  • Name of the hosting entity: LudoSport Sweden

  • Type of event: Unrated Unofficial Open International  Rookie Tournament

  • Bracket of the event:  TBA 

  • Event Managers:  Henrik Ekman and George Johansson 

  • Head Official:  Henrik Ekman 

  • Location of the event: Tryckeriet, Vasatorpsvägen 1b, 254 57 Helsingborg

  • Time of the event: Saturday 30th of September and Sunday 1st of October 2023 

  • Criteria for qualification: Athletes from LudoSport Network, ranking Novizio or Iniziato.

  • Formula of the tournament:  Gamma 

Tournament announcements

Formula what?

Formula Gamma. What's that?

During group stage, all athletes will duel each other once. Each duel will consist of three assalti, with a time limit of 60 seconds. All athletes move on from the group stage to elimination.
Match pairing for elimination will be determined by style score from the group stage, instead of war points as traditional.
Each elimination match will be best of 7 assalti (first to 4 points), or until the time of 180 seconds runs out. It will be double elimination formula.
The final match will be best of 9 assalti (first to 5 points) with no time limit.

ok... but why gamma?

There are two main reasons:

  1. We want to bring more focus to the style score of the athletes, rewarding those that put more effort into correct techniques.

  2. We wanted double elimination to ease some of the pressure athletes feel during regular elimination and to make everyone last for a while longer, more duels, more fun.


Sign up to compete

Athletes are required to sign up in order to compete in the tournament: Athletes Sign up

The Athlete’s Fee for Battle of the Einherjar is  20 EUR .

The fee must be paid no later than  September 16th 2023 .

For more information or support, contact

tournament tables and schedule

 Friday September 29th 

  • The venue is available from  17:00 . Staff is welcome to show up at that time.

  • From  18:00 , everyone is free to join for some free duels and fun.

 Saturday September 30th 

  • The doors will open at  9:00 

  • Register, get your weapons checked, change clothes and warm up.

  • Pools:  starting at 10:00 

  • LudoSport Games!

  • Time to shower and change until PorkSide

  • Porkside:  19:30 aprox 

 Sunday October 1st 

  • The doors will open at  9:00 

  • Eliminations:  starting at 10:00 

  • Prize Ceremony:  finished by 17:00 




Here you can see the finished draw for the pools

 Results table 

Here you can see the scores


The tournament will be live streamed on the LudoSport Sweden YouTube channel


As is tradition, some of the members of LudoSport Sweden have organized a Porkside event for the evening of Saturday the 30th of September.

NOTE: this is a private event organized by some of our members. The event is not organized by LudoSport Sweden.

The Porkside will take place at  Café Mezo . The restaurant offers vegetarian and vegan alternatives as well. Sign up here, there is time until September 25th!

other useful information

Sign up as staff

Anyone can sign up to help as staff on the Battle of the Einherjar. There are a few major roles that we need to cover in order to be able to hold a tournament. Then there are other roles that are nice to have. If you want to show up and help out, we will be forever grateful! No previous experience is needed. You don't even need to be a part of LudoSport!

Sign up as staff

how to get to the venue

The easiest way from Helsingborg Central Station to Tryckeriet is to take bus 1 or 7 (toward Helsingborg Dalhem Centrum). 


You find the buses across the street from the train station. The bus stop is Älvsborgsgatan, and you will have to walk about 500 metres to get to the venue.

You can plan your trip and buy your ticket on the Skånetrafiken website. Remember to activate your ticket when you get on the bus.

The single ticket costs 28 SEK and allows travel all through the city (no zones). Single tickets are valid for 60 minutes and you can change freely during that time. If you are traveling with other people (min 2), buying tickets together through the Skånetrafiken app will grant you 25% discount. You can use Swish or card to pay in the app.

You can also buy tickets in the machines inside the Central Station.

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